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Christmas at Stony Creek
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Christmas at Stony Creek
illustrated by Chris Sheban
Greenwillow Books, 2007
Hardcover ISBN 978-0061214868
The pond at Stony Creek is perfect for ice skating, and a blanket of snow is on the ground. It's almost Christmas. Pipsqueak wishes she could spend the days at the pond, then curl up in front of a glowing fire with her family.

But Papa has gone away to search for food. He promised to be home soon, so by Christmas Eve, Pip is worried. What will they eat for Christmas dinner? How can they celebrate without Papa?

Pip knows she must do something. There areĀ mountainsĀ of food in the huge house on the hill. The one filled with cats and traps. The most dangerous place in Stony Creek. Mama has forbidden everyone from even mentioning the house. Pip's not sure she has the courage to go there, but she has to try. She has to do it for Mama, Kit, Will, Nibs, Nan, and baby Finny. For Christmas. And for Papa.

Braveness starts with a single step.

“All ends happily in this gentle, heartwarming chapter book for beginning readers. The characters are well developed, dialogue flows smoothly, and the plot is sustained by plenty of action and suspense. Thematic stress is on the importance of optimism, creative problem solving, and family togetherness. Sheban's detailed black-and-white pencil drawings have an appropriate old-fashioned quality and nicely complement the tale.”
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