Stephanie Green
Falling into Place
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Falling into Place
Clarion Books, 2002
Hardcover ISBN 978-0756968038
Paperback ISBN 978-0618689286
All the good things in Margaret’s world are collapsing, one by one, like a row of dominoes. First her dad remarried—plink. Then her grandfather died—plinkplink. Then her grandmother had to sell the house and move into a retirement community—plinkplinkplink. Now Dad’s new wife is having a baby, and Margaret is going to visit Gran at Carolwoods. There she learns that Gran is having an even harder time adjusting to change than Margaret herself.

Determined to cheer Gran up, Margaret and her younger cousin, Roy, set out to find her some new friends. Their quest leads them to some of Carolwoods’ most colorful characters, and ultimately helps Margaret to ease both Gran’s pain and her own. Stephanie Greene, the author of the popular Owen Foote books, introduces an appealing and bold new heroine in this funny novel that handles its serious themes with a light touch.
Junior Library Guild selection
South Carolina Children’s Choice nominee 2005-2006
“The themes of coping with the dynamics of newly blended family and the death of a grandparent are aptly resolved by having the characters get involved with helping other people. The reading is easy, and the plot moves along quickly, naturally, and with some humor. The portrayal of the older adults in the retirement community is especially positive.”
“At once warm and thoughtful, this tale investigates the complexities of loss, blended families, and friendship. Poignant and true.”
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