Stephanie Green
The Lucky Ones
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The Lucky Ones
Greenwillow, 2008
Hardcover ISBN 978-0399254628
Paperback ISBN 978-0142418277
Even if her big sister is a total pain (and pretty much living on a different planet these days) …

Even if her mother is at war with her father …

Even if the new girl, the interloper, is hopeless …

Even if the rules say, "Boys Only"…

A girl can make her own luck.


“Cecile is a likable and sympathetic individual who wants things to go back to the way they were last year, before her parents were fighting and puberty took her sister away. Readers on the verge of crossing the line between childhood and adolescence will relate to her internal struggles. In the end, Cecile realizes that while she cannot stop herself from growing up, she can do so at her own pace and in her own way, not necessarily following in Natalie's footsteps. The well-written book introduces a memorable main character.”
“Kids will recognize aspects of themselves in the beautifully nuanced story¬†of Cecile.”
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