Stephanie Green
Not Just Another Moose
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Not Just Another Moose
MOOSE & Hildy series #1
illustrated by Andrea Wallace
Marshall Cavendish, 2000
Hardcover ISBN 978-0761450610
This moose is special—with or without his antlers! Having just recovered from the shock of losing them for the first time, Moose must now cope with boredom. It's hunting season, after all. No moose worth his temporarily missing antlers wanders outdoors at this time of year! What's a moose to do? Open a hot-coffee-and-homemade-donuts business? Sell his artwork to a would-be moose hunter? Wait for spring and rescue the boat of that hunter-now-turned-fisherman? All of the above, of course, in this laugh-out-loud tale that will delight readers. Playful pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations pick up and extend the "deadpan" comedy in distinctive and humorous detail worthy of a truly unique moose.
“This book is a laugh riot.” 
“ Children will delight in the animal's antics and his courage during hunting season, as well as the clever way he outwits the hunter.”


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