Stephanie Green
Owen Foote, Money Man
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Owen Foote, Money Man
OWEN FOOTE series #4
illustrated by Martha Weston
Clarion Books, 2000
Hardcover ISBN 978-0399251672
Paperback ISBN 978-0142418277
Owen has discovered an amazing catalog called "Junk You Never Knew About," and found a bunch of neat stuff to buy. The only trouble is, he’s broke! How can he make some cash, quick? His parents are willing to give him an allowance, but that would mean doing all sorts of boring chores. Owen is sure there’s a better way—all he needs is the perfect plan. With the help of his best friend, Joseph, Owen comes up with one money-making scheme after another, but—funny thing—he’s still broke. Not till Owen changes his ideas about how to make money, and how to spend it, does the tide of fortune start to flow the other way. Owen Foote’s new adventure makes a hilarious and fast-paced book, perfect for kids fascinated with the joys of getting and spending money.
Awards and Recognition
American Bookseller Pick of the Lists
Junior Library Guild selection
“Kid-friendly humor, good characterization, and a believable and fast-moving plot distinguish this book. The value of hard work, pride in a job well done, and a respect for money are seamlessly woven into the story and reinforced by caring adults. Irrepressible Owen grows up a little, and readers will laugh along the way.”
“Greene's crisp writing style and wry humor is ontarget for young readers. Brief chapters revolving around a significant event or action and fast pacing are an effective draw for tentative readers. Weston's black-and-white illustrations, ranging in size from quarter to fullpage, deftly portray Owen's humorous escapades. A wise, witty addition to Greene's successful series.”
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