Stephanie Green
Owen Foote, Mighty Scientist
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Owen Foote, Mighty Scientist
OWEN FOOTE series #6
illustrated by Cat Bowman Smith
Clarion Books, 2004
Hardcover ISBN 978-0618430161
Paperback ISBN 978-0439842020
Owen Foote wants to be a real scientist with a white lab coat. He’d like to spend the next school year in Mr. Wozniak’s fourth-grade class, where science is king. Owen figures that Mr. Wozniak will let him and his friend Joseph in if they can win first prize in the school science fair. But the “project,” a uromastyx lizard named Chuck, isn’t exactly cooperative. The boys come up with another idea that seems like a winner, but once again, unruly personal feelings seem to be undermining the scientific method. It takes an inspired blend of science and friendship to get them back on track.
Awards and Recognition
South Carolina Children’s Choice nominee
Young Hoosier Master List finalist 2006-2007
Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice nominee
Junior Library Guild selection
“This [sixth] book in the Owen Foote series can stand alone and is a tight, well-written story, with a zinging conclusion, and a minimum amount of attention paid to Owen's annoying older sister—a plus for boy readers. Cat Bowman Smith's line and wash illustrations add personality to the characters and help readers see the errant lizard pet clearly, a real plus for this winner.”
“Greene strikes just the right balance of action, humor, and honest emotion. Pencil drawings highlight important moments and add amusing touches. Owen is a spunky character who children enjoy reading about, and his fans will not be disappointed.”
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