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Owen Foote, Soccer Star
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Owen Foote, Soccer Star
OWEN FOOTE series #2
illustrated by Martha Weston
Clarion Books, 1998
Paperback ISBN 978-0618130559

Owen Foote knows that soccer is the greatest sport in the world. He's so excited about being old enough to join the town soccer league that he has talked his best friend, Joseph, into signing up too. But Joseph turns out to be terrible at soccer. That's not the only thing troubling Owen: the other kids on his team, the Aliens, seem to be bigger and older and better at soccer than he is, and at least one of them is mean. But Owen isn't about to give up his best friend or his favorite sport without a struggle. Readers will cheer for Owen as he and Joseph face new challenges on and off the field and come up winners.

When eight-year-old Owen and his best friend Joseph join a neighborhood soccer league, they not only face a test of their game skills but also of their friendship.

“Owen's close rapport with his parents and older sister adds extra warmth to this accessible novel, whose brief sentences, limited vocabulary and cheery drawings make it a good pick for those ready to graduate from picture books. Imparted with humor, the author's message about the importance of being a true friend will escape no youngster.”
“This entertaining work features well-developed characters and a keen description of life among 8 and 9 year olds. It has the added attraction of adroitly focusing on soccer, the game of choice for many young children. These qualities make this an attractive choice.”
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