Stephanie Green
Owen Foote, Second Grade Strongman
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Owen Foote, Second Grade Strongman
OWEN FOOTE series #1
illustrated by Dee de Rosa
Clarion Books, 1996
Hardcover ISBN 978-0395720981
Paperback ISBN 978-0618130542
Owen, a second grader who is being teased for his small size, discovers that his friend Joseph is just as concerned about being overweight, and they share their fear of being humiliated by the school nurse on the annual weigh-in day.
“In this delightful first novel, Greene demonstrates her understanding of second graders. Her realistic portrayal of school life is punctuated with lively, natural dialogue and conveys the humor as well as the concerns of seven-year-olds. Owen and Joseph are fully realized characters with a strong, supportive friendship. The author's light treatment of a subject of interest to children, as well as the short chapters and often comical black-and-white illustrations, make this an attractive choice for beginning chapter-book readers.”
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