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Owen Foote, Super Spy
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Owen Foote, Super Spy
OWEN FOOTE series #5
illustrated by Martha Weston
Clarion Books, 2001
Hardcover ISBN 978-0618551590
Paperback ISBN 978-0618551590
Owen Foote has a new obsession: spying. He thinks that secretly watching people is the coolest thing in the world. But eavesdropping on his dad talking with a neighbor about lawn care is getting a little boring. Owen is ready for bigger challenges, and he has already selected his next target: Mr. Mahoney, his school principal. It’s going to be the ultimate spy test. Cloaked in camouflage and prepared to Duck or Die, Owen and his friends embark on their covert assignment. It will be Owen’s most daring adventure yet.

Fast-paced and funny, Owen’s enterprise has all the insightful humor and character appeal that make this series a sure bet for young readers.

Owen and his friends decide that spying on the school principal at his own house will be a fun challenge.

Awards and Recognition
Junior Library Guild selection
Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award master list, 2006
“Chapters are fluid and just the right length, with well-developed characters, hushed moments, and cliff-hanger endings. The detail is exceptional and the facial expressions, priceless. Enjoyable independently, this title is also an amusing read-aloud.”
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