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Show and Tell
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Show and Tell
illustrated by Elaine Clayton
Clarion Books, 1998
Paperback ISBN 978-0439145534
Woody is dismayed when a new student teacher, Miss Plunkett, shows up in his second grade classroom. She doesn't know how anything is supposed to be done. She gets upset when she finds out what Woody has brought for show and tell—his fish, Huey, dead since the day before—and Woody gets in trouble. But when she needs help, Woody comes to the rescue, and finds that there's another side to Miss Plunkett. Told in short, easy-to-read chapters, this past-paced and funny story skillfully targets the concerns of second graders.
“Life in the second grade is made even more comical by Woody's hilarious observations (his regular teacher has a look similar to an airport's searchlight) and his quirky habits (e.g., bringing his dead pet fish to show and tell). Readers will empathize with this well-intentioned hero's mishaps and be touched by his eventual understanding of Miss Plunkett and Ethan.”
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